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Behind the letters IMK you will find a boutique law firm that specializes in litigation and dispute resolution.

Whether you retain us to help resolve a conflict amicably or through legal action, you can count on our team of seasoned lawyers to always place your needs first. We will defend your interests with integrity, professionalism, transparency and respect for all parties involved.

Whatever your litigation or dispute resolution needs, we are in your corner.


The story of IMK has been unfolding since 1997. Today, our team of 24 lawyers includes 10 former law clerks, 8 of whom clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada. Within our firm, we have lawyers licensed to practice in 3 provinces and states. All IMK lawyers and staff are fluent in Canada’s 2 official languages, and amongst our team, we can cover 12 other languages.

The strength of our team lies in the diversity of its members. Our people come from a variety of different backgrounds and work together to respond to our clients’ needs. IMK is a firm on the leading edge, a place where gender parity exists at all levels of the firm.


Clients first

Whatever the circumstances, our clients can count on our availability. From the very start, every client is assigned the appropriate resources for their specific situation, budget and timeline.

In pursuit of excellence

The quality of our work has always been our top priority and the cornerstone of our reputation and our success.

Our team works in a cooperative, collegial and highly stimulating environment that fosters personal growth and continuous improvement.

Every member of our team is driven by the pursuit of excellence.

Straight-up efficiency

At IMK, combining efficiency with expertise lets us achieve the most favourable outcomes in the least amount of time. Our broad range of experience complements our depth of expertise. Finally, our clients can be assured that they benefit from the experience of our entire team.


  • A focus on understanding the problem.
  • Strategic assignment of key personnel.
  • Outstanding representation in keeping with our reputation.
  • The assurance of regular, timely communication.
  • Prompt responses to communications.
  • The ability to adapt quickly to evolving situations.
  • A business relationship founded on confidence.
  • Resolution of the problem with respect, integrity and professionalism.
  • Three letters that stand out.