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On August 24, 2015, the Court of Appeal rendered an important decision regarding acquisitive prescription[1]. The majority of the Court dismissed the appeal from the decision of Justice Dumas, J.S.C., effectively recognizing that the Respondent, Ms. Allie, had acquired title to two parking spots that were, according to the Land Registry, squarely located on the property of Appellants, Mr. Ostiguy and Ms. Savard. In dissent, Justice Jacques, J.C.A. (ad hoc), concerned over the stability of real estate transactions, explained why he would have granted the appeal.

On September 16, 2015, the Court of Appeal – new Justice Marie-Josée Hogue – granted leave from a safeguard order that had been issued to prevent a company from soliciting another company’s clients in Industries V-Tech inc. (Industries Play-Tech inc.) v. Cast Steel Products (Canada) Ltd., 2015 QCCA 1471.